What is the purpose of

This is a platform where you can advertise your on-sale or for rent properties mainly houses, shops or lands and leverage from our large community for your potential customers. You can also browse through our site for any property of your choice.

How to upload properties on the site:

Create an account with a valid email, verify the email, then login to your portal using your email and password. Go to uploads and select exactly three(3) pictures of the property you want to advertise with other necessary details associated with the property and click the upload button. Wait for some time for your upload to be approved. Once approved, the property will be visible to everyone that visits the site.

How much does it cost to upload a property on the site:

Uploading of any property on the site is completely free, and we do not take any commissions.

How to long does it take for my upload to be approved:

Your upload is approved as soon as possible after verification by our team. In the event that your upload is not verified, a message stating the reason will be sent to you by us.

How to contact the agent for a particular property:

Browse the site for any property of your choice, click on its details to view more information about the property. Then click on ‘view agent’ to view the information of the poster. There you can see the phone number and other details of the poster. You can also send the agent a private message by clicking on the ‘message agent’ link.
NB: To be able to view the details of any agent, you must be logged in.

How to leave feedback about a particular agent:

There are different ways to leave feedback about an agent, you can either rate the agent, leave a comment or report any suspicious activities by the agent to our team. All these features can be found on the agent details page.